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Deep Cleansing Face Lotion

Removes makeup. Detoxifies. Refines pores.

For all skin types


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Purifying Cleansing Face Toner

Purifies. Refines pores. Balances skin.

For all skin types


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Clear Acnyl Face Cream

Controls oil. Minimizes pores. Clears blemishes.

Recommended for acne prone skin types. Not Recommended for Active acne.



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Pimple Drying Treatment

Shrinks acne. Soothes irritation. Refines pores.

For acne-prone skin types


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Sulfur Acnyl Soap

Detoxifies. Controls oil. Reduces acne.

For oily and acne-prone skin types 


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Oralight Brightening Supplements

Oral supplement. Brightens skin from inside out.

For all skin types as directed


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Pure Radiance Exfoliating Sugar Scrub

Exfoliates. Nourishes. Promotes Radiance 

for all skin types as directed

Regular Price: ₦24,207.38

Special Price ₦9,680.63

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