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Makari, Our Story

Dr. Jacques François, the savvy entrepreneur behind the Makari brand, spent his younger years working in the family-owned stores in Queens, New York. Responsible for the management of the ethnic skincare and cosmetic sections, he acquired first hand knowledge of the lack of premium beauty products catering to their clientèle of color. Consumers seeking gentle, yet effective products addressing discolorations, uneven skintone and oily skin could not find quality, botanical-based formulations and so resorted to using harmful chemical-based products.

Fueled by his passion for skincare and a desire to establish a niche brand of targeted products for a growing but neglected consumer-base, Dr. François partnered with well-known Belgian chemist Gérard Pinault and in 1995, launched the highly innovative MAKARI de SUISSE line of products specifically formulated to address the needs of skins of color. Their base formulations infused with botanical actives are inspired by the beauty practice of generations of women who throughout history relied on age-old natural blends to brighten their complexion, protect skin and restore its beauty.

Mixing these ancient rituals with modern technology, Dr. François, chemist Pinault and their Switzerland-based expert team of researchers used state-of-the-art technologies to develop powerful, high quality brightening products. Packaged in multi-benefits moisturizing crèmes, exfoliating soaps, and healing serums, they deliver visible, lasting results.

Makari’s team of chemists also formulated, developed and patented “Vegeclairine” and “Organiclarine”, two proprietary, high potency brightening formulas packed with natural, skin-loving favorites like gold, caviar, shea butter, carrot, sweet almond and argan oils that hydrate, soothe to reveal supple skin that radiates health and youth. Both formulas effectively fade dark spots and acne marks, even skin tone and minimize the signs of aging.

Over the years, Makari extended their offering into baby friendly care and launched a line of soothing skincare products for their littlest clients.

From humble beginnings in Paris, our ever-growing global distribution network today spans 3 continents. The Makari brand has a strong and proven record of safely and efficacy. We continue to offer technologically advanced and high quality products that are gentle to the skin and deliver undeniable results.

Visit us at www.makari.com where science and innovative skincare meet to deliver beauty.

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